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So, 2 Aug 2015, 16:15 | VON: T
Our new responsive menu
Our new responsive menu
Recently, our websites www.volcanodiscovery.com (infos, photos about volcanoes & earthquakes) and www.volcano-adventures.com (volcano expeditions and tours) have grown immensely and now contain many thousand individual pages.
To address the huge challenge of navigating these sites on various platforms, Tom - as a distraction from the excessive heat during the past days here in in Athens - programmed a new menu, which hopefully should make it easier for you, dear visitor.
To use it, just click or press on the 3-bar button right next to the logo.
Please have patience: as usual, there are likely still some bugs here and there that went unnoticed so far, and not everything works as expected. However, this site has no trained webmaster - we're only a very small tour company...

Many greetings,
Tom & the VolcanoDiscovery / Volcano-Adventures team!

We highly appreciate your comments, e.g. through our facebook page.

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